What’s Happening March 2022

FringeRoc on Instagram Since last summer, FringeRoc has invested time on Instagram connecting with other photographers and lovers of nature photos. So far, we have around 300 Followers! Do you have an Instagram account? (A LOT of people do.) If so, please Follow us!...

A Salute to the Rochester Fringe Festival

Rochester Fringe Festival The Rochester Fringe Festival began in 2012, having spread from it’s source in Scotland to the United States. Having been set free by its rebellious creators, the Festival is now celebrated annually across the globe. Last year, the...

Welcome to Highland Park Rochester NY

Highland Park in Rochester NY is one of the oldest municipal parks in the Unites States. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1888, the park encompasses 150 acres and boasts over 1200 lilac shrubs and includes 500 varieties.

FringeRoc currently has several beautiful photos and over a dozen products highlighting Highland Park in Rochester NY.

Western NY Nature Photography

FringeRoc is a group of independent Artists who wish to provide “useful” art. Western NY Nature Photography including over 360 products created from nearly 3 dozen nature photos. Local Artists | Unique Gifts™

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