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Rochester Fringe Festival

The Rochester Fringe Festival began in 2012, having spread from it’s source in Scotland to the United States. Having been set free by its rebellious creators, the Festival is now celebrated annually across the globe.

Last year, the Pandemic closed the Festival’s in-person aspect, as thousands watched the 2020 Rochester Fringe Festival events streamed over the Internet. This year, the Rochester Fringe Festival has reopened their live venues across the city (indoors and out) from September 14th through the 25th. Though, you can still opt to watch the Internet streams rather than to attend the live shows.


2021 Rochester Fringe Festival

Two weeks and dozens of Fringe events will take place across Rochester NY. From national alternative rock band Joywave to the Cirque Du Fringe After Party performances, from The Silent Disco to Music, Magic, and much more.

Check out the Shows and Get Your Tickets.


We Salute the Rochester Fringe Festival

Hats off for pulling this together with so many unknowns due to the Pandemic!

As fellow Fringe Artists, we salute you! We love all the craziness that comes with the Rochester Fringe Fest!

The Silent Disco is a favorite of ours and many others. And although the comedy is gut-busting, the music this year looks amazing from Classical Guitar to Joywave!

Thank you!


To learn more about the Rochester Fringe Festival, please click here to view their About page.


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