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“Sometimes you just gotta STOP and smell the flowers.”

Jules Ma’vis

FringeROC Artist & Founder

“Sometimes you just gotta STOP and smell the flowers.”

Background / History

Jules Ma’vis formed an intense interest in photography during his teen years. Even before receiving his first 35mm camera, which he purchased his Junior year, Jules  took a full year of Photography. Learning the basics and the art before entering college. His prized possession was his classic Pentax K1000 35MM camera.

After earning a degree in Marketing from Fredonia State University, Jules commenced on a career that has involved traditional marketing, graphic design, and digital marketing. Since 2015, Jules’s career has become more diverse and branched into numerous areas beyond those mentioned.

Connection to FringeROC

Throughout his life, Jules has pursued creative endeavors, from writing to photography to graphic art. In April of 2020, Garrett Chase approached Jules regarding the concept for, and from that day forward Jules was “all in.” Having previous experience with Custom Printing, Jules wholeheartedly agreed that Zazzle would be the best platform for FringeRoc.

The artistic duo desires their products to be created quickly, on-demand, and using high quality source materials and printing processes. Zazzle fits the bill perfectly, plus Zazzle has always been committed to American-Made products.

Starting during the spring of 2020, with the COVID lockdown holding the country at a standstill, Jules Ma’vis and Garrett Chase developed both and the FringeROC Zazzle Online Store over the course of several months.

And now, the work continues…

[ Note: Ma’vis has a Latin pronunciation, it sounds like “ma-vee” as the “vis” is pronounced vee. ]

Jules Ma’vis Photo Gallery

This Photo Gallery contains a small selection of Jules’ currently available images.
Click on an image to see a 1200 x 900 pixel larger size. (Use the arrow keys to
scroll through the images.)

Note: Photo Gallery images have been reduced to 25% actual size and
include a watermark for the protection of the Artists’ compositions.
When printed on products, the images are much larger (and more
detailed) and Do Not have the Full-width Watermarks.

Product Gallery

FringeROC Artist Jules Ma’vis has created hundreds of products using his impressive images.
Everything from Canvas Prints to custom printed T-Shirts; from silver-plated Earrings and
Necklaces to Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags and Backpacks. Art with a Practical Purpose.

Please Select what type of Images and Products you would like to see:

Note: Product manufacturing and fulfillment are provided through (#1 company for custom printing in the United States). Products are crafted in the US and orders are delivered in about 10 days. All products ship from the US. Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed with Zazzle, so ordering is a worry-free process. Clicking below will take you to our Zazzle Online Store. If you only want to see our photography of the Upstate & Western NY region, please click here to learn more About Us first.

Purple ‘Antique’ Lilacs

Genesee Valley Park meets a Cumulus Cloud

The Yellow Magnolias of Zoo Road

Erie Canal at Sunset

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